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A micro-engine created with MINOS 2.2.

Your Personal 3D solid CAD system

If you're looking for full-function solid modeling capabilities in a freeware software, look no further. MINOS delivers world-class solid modeling in an, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use package.

MINOS extends the capabilities of your existing 2D-or 3D-wireframe-based systems, so you can take advantage of all the benefits solid modeling offers right away. Today, solid modeling is boosting productivity in a variety of industries, including computers and peripherals, electronic controls, military and aerospace, telecommunications, medical and scientific equipment, and consumer products. For example, electronic packaging designers use solid modeling to eliminate physical mockups, improve in-package space allocation, detect interferences early in the design process, compute mass properties, and generate views for inclusion in technical documentation and marketing literature.

Make It Easy on Yourself

MINOS makes it easy to design 3D parts and assemblies. The design methodology is based on defining simple geometric elements including lines, curves, and circles, and then linking them together to form contours. Fillets and chamfers can be added to a contour and are represented when the contour is used to produce a solid model. You create 3D shapes from contours by using simple operations such as:

  • Extruding contours along a line
  • Revolving contours about an axis
  • Sweeping contours along an arbitrary 3D path

You can combine the 3D shapes you create with standard primitive shapes like boxes, cylinders, and cones to form more complex geometry. Basic shape building and editing operations include cut, fuse, and common. With just a few simple commands, MINOS lets you create parts using shapes, and build complete assemblies using multiple parts.

Blazing Speed

MINOS delivers some of the quickest response times in the 3D CAD software. It has been developed on very low powered computers. And with MINOS powerful visualization and transformation capabilities, you can quickly change views and scales to work on your models from any angle.

Believe What You See !

MINOS gives you an extensive instantaneous removal of hidden lines which is considered to be a necessity to display readable and unambiguous views of the parts you design. This is the default mode for 3D parts created with MINOS. Thus, MINOS automatically eliminates "wireframe fog" and the chore of manually removing it. Of course, you're always in control and can specify that models be displayed in wireframe mode.

Avoid this !

See this !

MINOS lets you display models as multiple orthogonal or axonometric views. All views are simultaneously active. Functions such as ZOOM, PAN, and ROTATE increase visibility of details to improve productivity.
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